DHHICS Cleaning Pricing

Our pricing is the MOST competitive in the Industry and the examples below serve to prove the point. Honolulu Cleaning Company At $42.00 per man hour Distinctive Homes Hawaii Cleaning Services is the "most competitive" in the industry. However that is just "part" of the story since our cleaning staff are highly efficient and trained to get in and get the job done as efficiently as possible. This is due to our Hotel industry experience with "back to back" check in and check outs... So rest assured that we are not only provide the best value for your dollar but we are efficient and thorough as well.

*Don't forget about our $100.00 "cash back" referral bonus. Every referral source receives a $100.00 cleaning bucks cash back credit for each repeat cleaning referral... WOW !

Honolulu Cleaning Services Price Comparison List

Company Name

Service Type


Price Per Hour

Distinctive Homes
Hawaii Cleaning

5 Star Honoluu Cleaning Service
Team of 2-3 cleaners
performing thorough
deep cleaning w/4hr

$42.00/hr per maid!!
5 Star Honoluu Cleaning Service

The Maids Initial

Team of 4 cleaners
performing cleaning
$176/hr 1-3hrs.
$44.00/hr per maid
Wonderfully Clean Initial
2 cleaners w/4 hr
minimum requirement
and $200.00 minimum
service charge.

$50.00/hr per maid
Pricing as of February 9, 2016
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